Why Fast Feedback Cycles Matter

When studying software-intensive systems companies, one of the interesting observations is that they all evolve in the same way. In earlier research, we have referred to this as the “Stairway to Heaven”. In the figure below, the speed dimension of the Stairway to Heaven model is shown. This model is a descriptive model based on … Read more

Autonomy, Empowerment, Alignment and Coercion

The greatest accomplishments of mankind have been achieved by groups, often large groups, of people. From the pyramids and gorgeous cathedrals built in the past to the modern accomplishments such as putting a man on the moon or the creation of the internet, none of this could have been created by an individual but required … Read more

How Agile Are You Really: Let’s Find Out!

In an earlier blog post, I raised the question of how agile organizations really are. This was based on my experience with a variety of companies that claim to be agile, but that, when taking a closer look, were not agile at all. Or that were using some agile practices, but failed to reap the … Read more

Why Your Job Will Also Suck in 2018

While I am blessed to work with many people that really enjoy their jobs, I still meet way too many people in positions that they are really not enjoying anymore. If they ever did enjoy their job. For a long time, I thought that these folks were just exceptions and that most people loved or … Read more

Why Your Strategy Is A Paper Tiger

All companies have a strategy. Often captured in a nicely designed PowerPoint deck and summarized on a piece of plastified paper so that everyone can look at it and share how much they are in support of the business strategy. These strategies allow everyone to sing kumbaya, sitting around the campfire, even if they secretly, … Read more

Why Your Customers Are Slowing You Down

Every company is part of an business ecosystem. In the ecosystem, we find the partners, the suppliers, the customers, competitors, complementors as well as other stakeholders. A business ecosystem was more formally defined in the early 1990s by Moore as an economic community with three key characteristics. First, there is a symbiotic relationship between the … Read more

Why Being In Charge Doesn’t Help You

Driving change is hard when you’re working bottom-up, we all know that. You constantly feel you need to ask for approval, get air cover and ensure that you’re not creating enemies that will come out with sharpened knives at the worst possible time. During the occasions that I was in that situation or where I … Read more