How clean is your data?

One of the sayings that almost everyone in business has taken to heart is “data is the new oil” by Clive Humby. There are constant discussions about data ownership between end customers and product providers, as well as between OEMs and their suppliers. The first start-ups are now trying to advise companies on how to … Read more

Living on the edge

With data- and AI-driven development taking over the world, it may easily seem that the cloud is the place where everything happens. This is where the data is stored and analyzed, where the machine- and deep-learning models run and where all the value resides. The perspective of people living in this world is that all … Read more

Don’t start from where you are

For decades now, I’ve been in workshops with a number of companies that seek to change some aspect of their business. Reflecting on the more recent workshops, however, made me recognize patterns that seem to reappear frequently or typically. As we all know, change is hard. For individuals and even more so for organizations. However, … Read more

The worst of both worlds

During the last few weeks, I’ve worked with several companies and identified a pattern that, in hindsight, I have seen many times before: a team gets stuck midway a change process and refuses to let go of the old ways while adopting new ways of working. In that way, the organization gets the worst of … Read more