Culture versus strategy

Recently, in one of the company boards that I’m part of, we approved the new product strategy. This strategy is quite a deviation from the previous one in that we balance much more between investing in the current, main product, which used to get virtually all investment earlier, and new product initiatives to serve adjacent … Read more

Prepare for the worst

Recently, the Netherlands experienced some inclement weather including snowfall and strong winds. Interestingly, the entire country shut down with trains not running, highways closed off and recommendations of staying at home. It led to a bit of hilarity in our Swedish household as we experience this kind of weather regularly during the winter months and … Read more

Bringing AI to the edge

It seems that much of my work these days is concerned with bringing AI to the embedded-systems domain, understanding what the implications are and how companies should deal with it. In the discussions with technical experts and business leaders, however, I constantly run into several misconceptions. First, there are still several people out there who … Read more

Activity isn’t the same as progress

Occasionally, I enjoy playing computer games and during the Christmas break, I spent some time in Eve Online. It’s an open-world game, set in space, where you’re free to do any activity that you like. As I was spending time in this game, I realized something interesting: the return in terms of in-game currency that … Read more