What Digitalization Means For You

A friend of mine got fired last week. I will not share any details to protect the innocent, but he had been with the same company for close to 20 years when the company, that has been struggling for years, decided that he wasn’t a good fit anymore. The pattern is a typical one that … Read more

Better Every Day

Especially in the embedded systems industry, the approach has traditionally been to build products that get worse over time. We design, manufacture and sell a product to the customer, it slowly deteriorates and then we sell the customer a new product several years later (see figure 1). Even though the next product will be better … Read more

You Think You Know, But You Don’t

Data-driven decision making frequently requires experimentation as a mechanism to acquire the necessary data. When working with companies in transitioning from opinion-based to data-driven decision making, however, I frequently run into push back. The typical comment is that we already know the answers to the specific questions at hand and since we already know this … Read more