Why care about purpose in business?

Peter Drucker famously said that the purpose of a business is to create a customer and a customer is defined as someone who pays for the products and services the company offers. This perspective seems to be shared by many in business: as long as revenue and profits are generated, there’s no reason to bother … Read more

More process doesn’t help

Over the last weeks, I’ve been to three different conferences where I heard presentations that were variations on a common theme: if we would just add more structure and more process to the topic at hand, if we would only introduce more steps, more checkpoints, involve more people, and so on, then all the problems … Read more

So, you’re an expert?

This week, I gave a talk at a company that’s starting with data-driven practices and A/B experimentation specifically. My talk was concerned with the enablers required for this, such as continuous deployment (or DevOps), the specific ways in which organizations can apply data-driven practices and A/B testing and the importance of value modeling so that … Read more