Strategic digital product management: organizing

Few topics are discussed more often in companies than the organization. How to organize people into teams? How to organize functions into departments? Where to allocate responsibilities? The problems of the existing organization. How much better things would be if we did it differently? And so on. This is particularly the case with product management … Read more

Strategic digital product management: Vital Few

The final dimension in this series on digital product management concerns roles and responsibility. Surprisingly, in many traditional organizations, product managers have significant responsibility but surprisingly little authority. Instead, they need to align all the relevant stakeholders and reach decisions based on consensus. Traditionally, this challenge is addressed by building a product management function where … Read more

Strategic digital product management: imaginate

We’ve already talked about exploration as an activity in an earlier post. We need to conduct exploration activities, of course, to find new functionality to add to the existing offerings and to identify new offerings to create. However, exploration is also a mindset and a viewpoint we need to take for the activity to even … Read more