Your Product Is No Longer The Product

Recently, when interviewing (for our research) someone at a company in the food space, I learned something that I hadn’t realized: these days, cheese is a by-product. For thousands of years, farmers milked cows and then, as a way to preserve the milk, they made cheese out of it. And that cheese, or at least … Read more

Are You Ready To Burn The Ships?

This week I gave a talk at a meetup on business agility. The, admittedly controversial, title of my talk was “Why Digitalization Will Kill Your Company Too”, a topic that I discussed in a previous blog post. The interesting thing during the meetup was that lots of participants asked me why companies are not changing … Read more

Why Do You Do What You Do?

The last days, I had some time to reflect and one of the things that consistently surfaces is the amount of irritation and frustration that many people experience in their jobs. Now, to be clear, the people that I work with and that I meet are no complainypants at all, but generally serious, hard-working people … Read more

Do You Have Skin in the Game?

Over the last month or so, I have been reading a book titled “Skin in the game” by Taleb. He doesn’t like academics very much and scientists get roasted quite severely in several chapters. Being a professor myself, that stings a little but the problem is that I agree with him. His main point, severely … Read more

Why Large Companies Change Slowly

During the last weeks, I reflected on the difference between the startups and the large, established companies that I work with. One of the main differences seems to be the amount of freedom that individuals have. When a company is first formed and the initial team is assembled, there is of course the normal “storming, … Read more