Boost your digitalization: modularization

One of the concepts I think is poorly understood by many is the notion of modularization. Generally, most people will consider a more modular system as preferable to a less modular system. As a consequence, modularity is viewed as positive and generally used as an alternative word for “good.” My concern with this view is … Read more

Boost your digitalization: superset platform

Sometime last year, I had a discussion with senior leaders of an automotive tier-1 supplier. I explained to them that if we’re serious about moving towards DevOps in automotive, their customer-project-centric approach would have to change. A typical car model is developed for three to four years, then manufactured for around seven years and the … Read more

Boost your digitalization: architecture dimension

While the last posts were about the business dimension of digitalization, there obviously is a technology side to it as well. Digitalization requires the company to build new technical capabilities, specifically around the use of data and artificial intelligence, but the primary challenge is, in my experience, concerned with system and software architecture. The system … Read more

Boost your digitalization: customer support

So far, the posts in this series have stressed that the continuous value delivery to customers, rather than the transactional model, affects all parts of the company. One of the areas often ignored or seen too late as playing an important role is customer support. In many companies, this team is assumed to already have … Read more