Excelling in a Software Driven World

Speed, Data, and Ecosystems – Excelling in a Software-Driven World by Jan Bosch from Jan Bosch on Vimeo.

“This book provides a a simple set of priorities and a clear roadmap to successfully transition your organization toward the “digitalization era”. I discuss the three focus areas that firms need to address: speed, data and ecosystems.

Speed is concerned with shortening the feedback loops between the company and its systems deployed in the field as well the users of these systems.

As virtually any software-intensive system these days is connected to the interned, we have unprecedented possibilities to collect data. This allows organizations to shift from opinion-based decision making to data-driven decision making and to generate novel insights.

Finally, ecosystems allow companies to focus their internal activities on the most differentiating aspects and to rely on partners in the ecosystem for everything else.”

Speed, Data, and Ecosystems - Excelling in a Software Driven World

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A Hands-On Guide to Working with Data in R&D – The Basics

This book provides very practical guidance on how to use data to build better products. Hands-on startup case in wearables domain is used throughout the book to illustrate and exemplify the concepts presented.

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Impactful Software

Business-driven Refactoring, Platforms and Ecosystems

This book provides set of tools to address the challenge of effectively and systematically reasoning about software assets, resource allocation, refactoring, platforms and engaging the ecosystem surrounding your organization. As the foundation for this set of tools we have developed the three layer product model (3LPM) as a tool and framework to reason about strategic use of software in large scale software engineering.

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