PD fallacy #4: innovation means latest technology

Few words in industry have such an overloaded meaning as the term “innovation.” Innovation and all its derivatives, like being innovative, in many contexts simply mean “good.” The underlying idea is that we like new and different, and an innovation will provide that. In product development, innovation almost always refers to introducing a new technology … Read more

2023: prediction is hard, but …

The baseball player, Yogi Berra, famously said “Prediction is hard. Especially about the future.” That is of course entirely correct. Who of us predicted the COVID pandemic or the way the stock market tanked in 2022? Of course, there are always doomsayers who continuously predict these things, but they are right in the way a … Read more

Reflecting on 2022

As 2022 is moving towards its end and this post is supposed to come out on Christmas day, I felt it might be worthwhile to share some of my reflections on 2022. In many ways, it has been a bit of a strange year in my view in that we on the one hand moved … Read more

10 product development fallacies

During the last months, several companies connected with me to help them with their product development process. Typically, these are embedded-systems companies with strong stage gate processes dictated by the challenges associated with mechanics and electronics. Their challenges are typically associated with procurement and manufacturing. The reason that these companies reach out is the increasing … Read more