Boost your digitalization: ecosystem dimension

Western civilization is built on the notion of the sovereign individual: each person is unique with his or her rights, responsibilities, dreams and fears standing separate from others. Buddhist dogma takes the exact opposite perspective: the notion of self is an illusion and the goal of meditation and other religious practices is to free yourself … Read more

Boost your digitalization: process orchestration

There’s little doubt in anyone’s mind, I hope, that automation lies at the heart of all the progress in human well-being and economic development. It started with outsourcing physical labor to machines, initially through watermills and windmills and later through the use of internal combustion engines and electric motors. Later on, also “white collar” work … Read more

Boost your digitalization: modularize processes

Automation is central for companies that are digitalizing, and new technologies, including natural language processing and image recognition as well as robotic process automation, allow us to automate processes that were impossible or prohibitively expensive to automate earlier. Although I’m a strong proponent of automating everything repetitive, there’s a “dirty little secret” around automation that … Read more

Never waste a good crisis

During the last weeks, I have gotten quite a few indications that companies are preparing for worse economic times. The combination of rising inflation due to, among others, logistics challenges, the war in Ukraine as well as the central banks finally deciding to increase interest rates seems to be the trigger the world economy needed … Read more

Boost your digitalization: artificial intelligence

Every few weeks, it seems, we are treated to another major breakthrough innovation in artificial intelligence. Whether it is Deep Mind’s system beating the world champion Go player, GPT-3 dazzling us with Turing test breaking abilities or DALLE-2 generating images that are simply stunning, it seems like we are on the cusp of general artificial … Read more