Boost your digitalization: build and test infrastructure

The traditional way of software development is to first agree on what to build, then build the functionality and finally commence testing and fixing defects until the quality is at an acceptable level. As anyone who has spent any time in this field knows, no software is ever flawless, but the concept is to get … Read more

Resistance to Change

With the Ascension weekend upon us, I decided to take a break from my (probably) 33 part blog post series on the 8 capabilities to boost your digitalization. In this post I want to focus on change and the resistance of change that many are experiencing around them. To illustrate this, I want to start … Read more

Boost your digitalization: Agile for real

Every company I meet claims that they’re agile. When I push a little bit and ask for details, typically the conclusion is that this is only true at the team level. The rest of the organization is stuck in traditional, slow cycles. The defense that I get is that the company is fast enough in … Read more

Boost your digitalization: process dimension

Wherever Agile principles and practices took a foothold in industry, the word “process” became anathema. In many ways, this was a healthy reaction to the CMMI approach to software engineering that preceded it and that was extremely focused on process. It turns out that in addition to process, we actually need architecture, technology, teams, commitments, … Read more

Boost your digitalization: instrumentation

Even if many of us conceptually agree with the notion of data-driven decision-making, it’s my experience that many still fall back into old-fashioned opinion-based decision-making. These opinions are formed by experience and for most of history, making decisions based on experience was a great principle as the pace of change was very slow. The challenge … Read more