Data-Driven Development: Step 1 – Model Feature Value

In my research and consulting engagements with companies, one of the recurring themes is the ambition of companies to become more data-driven in their way of working. After working on this topic with a variety of companies, my fellow researchers and I defined an adoption process that companies go through when adopting data-driven development practices. … Read more

From Dozens to Thousands (or Millions) of Products

This week I spent time in Denmark at a summit organized by the Manufacturing Academy of Denmark (MADE). During the summit I met several people that expressed pride at the richness of their product portfolio. Some companies have a dozen different products, others may have close a hundred products. All these products are complicated including … Read more

Towards Self-Improving Systems

As the beginning of a new year often is concerned with looking forward, I thought I’d spend this article (and perhaps some more) on discussing some of the trends that I believe are happening. One of these trends, I believe, is self-improving systems. Traditional software intensive systems are typically static after deployment. The performance levels … Read more

Stop The Busyness And Get To Work

As I am involved in several startups, I often get invited to join their Slack channels. For those of you that don’t know the tool, it basically provides real-time group chat functionality combined with record keeping functionality. Several times I have tried to use the tool, but I never managed to make it stick. Reflecting … Read more