Speed versus Quality

This week I gave two keynote presentations at two different conferences (ICSOB 2017 in Essen and EASE 2017 in Karlskrona – please don’t ask me how many days on the road I log every year). As part of my keynotes, I bring up our “Stairway to Heaven” model (see figure below) and the adoption of … Read more

Overcoming Inertia in Organizational Change

This week we organized the reporting workshop of the Software Center that I am director for. It’s always a great event with lots of participants from the ten companies participating the center and researchers from the five universities that are members. We present a variety of technologies, techniques, methods and frameworks that have been developed … Read more

How Agile Are You Really?

Although there are still companies out there that are going through the agile transformation, most of the companies that I work with have adopted agile practices at least at the team level. Agile teams are more empowered and because of that, among others, more productive and more motivated. However, if we lift our focus up … Read more