Boost your digitalization: sales

For most of my life, I’ve worked in engineering. I worked as a programmer during my university studies. Built my own compilers while conducting my PhD research as I looked into alternative object-oriented programming languages. Worked in industry as a vice president on the engineering side and, of course, I published hundreds of papers on … Read more

Boost your digitalization: business model

Digitalization allows companies to fundamentally improve the way they deliver value to customers from transactional to continuous. Transactional value delivery is where a mostly physical product is sold as-is and then deteriorates over time until it’s replaced with the next product. Continuous value delivery is concerned with using the installed base as an enabler to … Read more

Boost your digitalization: business dimension

For all the talk about digitalization over the last decade or more, I still run into many people outside of software R&D who are convinced that digitalization is a technical problem that doesn’t concern them. Often, it’s viewed as an opportunity for improving the efficiency of existing processes and ways of working. The result is … Read more

Boost Your Digitalization: 8 capability areas to build

During the last weeks, I reflected on the research activities in the Software Center for which I am the director and I realized that everything we do with the partner companies and the universities is concerned with increasing the pace at which we are delivering new value to customers. Whereas most companies, a decade ago, … Read more

Platform lesson #10: One ecosystem platform stakeholder at a time

Although platforms can be used purely for internal purposes, many reach a point where they’re opened up to third parties, becoming an ecosystem platform. Ecosystem platforms serve, by definition, two- or multi-sided markets. This means that you have multiple stakeholder groups to support to make the platform successful. When thinking about ecosystem platforms, I often … Read more