Reflecting With Gratitude On A Great Year

One of my goals for this year was to write a weekly blog post as a means to share my experiences, learnings and insights with a broader community in the hope that my efforts can help accelerate our evolution towards a digitalized, connected future. Although I don’t want to get into a long discussion about … Read more

Systems Engineering in a Service-Driven World

In an earlier post, I have brought up some of my frustrations with traditional approaches to systems engineering. That led to quite a bit of discussion and emailing back and forth with various folks. For those that did not read the post, my problem with traditional system engineering include at least the following concerns: (1) … Read more

How to Define the Scope of Feature Teams

One of the discussions that comes up in many of the companies that I work with is the scope of feature teams. Although most  companies are still struggling with moving from component teams to feature teams, the increasing prevalence of continuous integration infrastructures makes it easier to move to shared code ownership and teams that … Read more