There’s no such thing as “the company”

During my time in industry, I learned that every company has two cohorts of employees: the transients and the lifers. The transients would change company every couple of years whereas the lifers were on track to spend their entire professional life at one company. These lifers may have tried some other companies early in their … Read more

There’s no such thing as “the supplier”

No company is an island. Instead, we’re part of a value network or business ecosystem where we co-exist with customers, partners, suppliers, competitors and so on. The ecosystem is continuously evolving and changing and occasionally, there are large disruptions. Many feel that suppliers are the ecosystem’s most stable and trustworthy members. They have a vested … Read more

There’s no such thing as “the business model”

Although not everyone likes to talk about making money or generating revenue for the company, the fact is that every organization needs funds to survive, grow and develop. For this, we need customers who actually pay us and that’s where the business model comes in. Before digitalization became such an important development, many companies used … Read more

There’s no such thing as “the product”

Of the words that get misused or oversimplified, “product” is one of my favorites. It creates such an easy image in people’s heads that often is completely inaccurate, especially in the high-tech domain. When we hear the word “product,” we tend to think of this widget that passes hands from one of our salespeople to … Read more

There’s no such thing as “the customer”

If there’s one person I’d love to meet, it’s this “customer” virtually all the companies I work with refer to. In many businesses, the customer is this mythical individual who has all the answers, who is the only reason why we can’t or must do certain things and whom everyone must appease for the company … Read more