End of Year Reflections: 2023

There is a saying often used by people of more advanced ages that the days go slow and the years go fast. Although I am not of retirement age yet, I must say that I feel this year has gone by really fast. Normally, this is because little of significance happened, but at least in … Read more

Strategic digital product management: trade-offs

One of my favorite sayings is that you can do anything in life, but not everything. This is sometimes hard to accept as it requires choices as to what not to do. And if there’s one thing most people prioritize, it’s optionality. Making choices that close off paths that were available to us up to … Read more

Strategic digital product management: embrace uncertainty

Humans hate uncertainty. Even saying “I don’t know” feels very uncomfortable for many. There are very strong evolutionary drivers for this as our prehistoric selves experienced existential risk whenever they entered situations with high uncertainty. As a consequence, we organize our lives to maximize certainty, ranging from the houses we live in, the jobs we … Read more

Strategic digital product management: maximize ROI

One of the most obvious principles of product management, and consequently the first one we discuss here, is to maximize the return on investment on the R&D efforts that we put in. As we’re a for-profit business, the goal has to be that we seek to maximize profit. This requires us to prioritize those R&D … Read more