There’s no such thing as “the process”

Although the Agile aficionados tried really hard to kill the notion of process in their efforts to remove the heritage of the capability maturity model, the fact is that every team, company and business ecosystem uses processes. These can be formally defined, to the point of individuals or companies being legally liable if the process … Read more

There’s no such thing as “the architecture”

It’s highly controversial to claim that there’s no such thing as “the architecture” of a system. On the one hand, folks in R&D use the term to indicate that the technical debt in the system has reached a point where more resources need to be dedicated to architecture refactoring. On the other hand, those on … Read more

There’s no such thing as “the system”

As humans, we like to label things and put boundaries around them. As we have limited intellectual and information-processing capabilities, this helps us abstract otherwise complex concepts and use them in building even higher-level concepts that we can use to explain, predict or create things. Of course, the nature of this process is that it … Read more