Become Data-Driven In Five Steps

Although most of the online (SaaS) companies that I work with are heavily data-driven, the embedded systems companies have had more difficulty to achieve that. With connectivity becoming more and more the norm for embedded systems, though, these companies are now also starting to become data driven. This is great as replacing opinion-driven decision making … Read more

What Are You Optimizing For?

Over the last weeks, I have been in several group conversations where we had to agree on the relative priority of multiple factors. For instance, are we optimizing for the total number of users or are we optimizing for maximizing revenue per user? Should we prioritize fuel efficiency or is minimizing exhaust waste more important? … Read more

Stop Customizing Your System! Configure It Instead!

Although mass-market companies have figured this out long ago, companies offering their software-intensive systems to a smaller group of powerful customers are often under significant pressure to customize their systems for individual customers. There are at least three reasons why customizing your system for each individual customer used to be a good idea. First, when … Read more