AI is not about data sets

As I’m spending an increasing amount of time in the AI field with a variety of companies, I’ve noticed an interesting misconception in the ML/DL space. Many have a tendency to focus on data sets, experimenting with different models using a specific set of data and, finally, deploying a model in a specific context. This … Read more

Quantify yourself

Having spent quite a bit of this summer thinking about machine learning and artificial intelligence, it seems to me that there’s a very important transformation ongoing from a focus on the qualitative to a focus on the quantitative. The moment we start with A/B testing, deploying multi-armed bandits or training machine learning models, the very … Read more

AI: the fabric of computing

During the summer, I spent a week at a summer school on deep learning (DL). There were several reasons to attend, but one was to simply learn more about this trending topic. In many ways, it was a wonderful, though humbling, experience as the field is progressing at a rate that’s simply phenomenal. There are … Read more