Stop Complaining About Agile

The last months, I have started to see an increasing number of articles complaining about agile software development. Many of the articles have a similar tenure. On the one hand, they stress that agile is causing teams to be really stressed and constantly focusing on the next feature to deliver. And on the other hand, … Read more

Nobody Cares About Your Product

(image credit: pixabay) This week was about travel and keynote presentations. Although the traveling can be a bit of a drag, I love meeting people and hear them sell their stories after they have listened to my talk. The interesting thing is to hear that many people talk about the product that they are contributing … Read more

The End Of Architecting Systems

This week, I spent time at companies building fabulously complex systems operating in even more complex ecosystems. It is clear that the business leaders as well as the technologists in these companies are struggling with managing the complexity of the systems that they are selling to customers. Whether it is telecommunications, automotive, healthcare or any … Read more

Don’t Be Left Behind By Your Business Ecosystem

This week, the Software Center organized the Sprint 14 reporting workshop for the partner companies and universities. A great event with over 100 people participating and learning about the progress that we’ve made during the last 6 month sprint. As we have expanded the mission of  Software Center to accelerate the digitalization of the software … Read more