Why Large Companies Change Slowly

During the last weeks, I reflected on the difference between the startups and the large, established companies that I work with. One of the main differences seems to be the amount of freedom that individuals have. When a company is first formed and the initial team is assembled, there is of course the normal “storming, … Read more

Become Data-Driven In Five Steps

Although most of the online (SaaS) companies that I work with are heavily data-driven, the embedded systems companies have had more difficulty to achieve that. With connectivity becoming more and more the norm for embedded systems, though, these companies are now also starting to become data driven. This is great as replacing opinion-driven decision making … Read more

What Are You Optimizing For?

Over the last weeks, I have been in several group conversations where we had to agree on the relative priority of multiple factors. For instance, are we optimizing for the total number of users or are we optimizing for maximizing revenue per user? Should we prioritize fuel efficiency or is minimizing exhaust waste more important? … Read more

Stop Customizing Your System! Configure It Instead!

Although mass-market companies have figured this out long ago, companies offering their software-intensive systems to a smaller group of powerful customers are often under significant pressure to customize their systems for individual customers. There are at least three reasons why customizing your system for each individual customer used to be a good idea. First, when … Read more

Your Ecosystem Has 50 Shades Of Gray

Another week on the road and another set of discussions around business and software ecosystems. Although it is clear that the ability of a company to build an ecosystem around its business is replacing company size as a, or perhaps the, key differentiator, I notice that there is a lot of confusion about what being … Read more

Don’t Get Stuck In Your Company’s Echo Chamber

The last weeks, I have attended several conferences and events and I have noticed a remarkable difference between public and company internal conferences. The internal conferences have a tendency to have a set of themes that everyone talks about in the same way. Whether it’s ecosystems, blockchain, artificial intelligence or any other popular topic, everyone … Read more

Stop Wasting Resources And Do Platforms Already!

This week we hosted the 22nd International System and Software Product Line Conference in Gothenburg and I had the honor of being the general chair for the conference. Software product line research is concerned with the challenges associated with building a family of products from a shared platform. These challenges include managing variants, balancing platform … Read more

Stop Thinking It’s Not Your Problem

(image credit: pixabay) Engineers form the core of a product company. Although I have the greatest respect for sales people and know how hard a job that can be, it’s the engineers that design and develop the product that, in the end, is needed to have anything to sell. Building a product that sells of … Read more

Engineering Deep Learning Systems is Hard!

(Image credit: pixabay) This week I spent in the lovely city of Prague, attending the SEAA 2018 conference. The main reason for attending was that I had the opportunity to present a paper that I co-authored with colleagues from Peltarion about the software engineering challenges of deep learning. Peltarion offers an amazing platform for building … Read more