When Did You Last Talk To A Customer?

Several of the companies that I work with have change initiatives ongoing. Some of these initiatives are more technology oriented, others affect the business strategy and yet others seek to re-position the company in the ecosystem it is part of. However, all these initiatives have one thing in common: customers will be affected by the … Read moreWhen Did You Last Talk To A Customer?

Stop Trying to Change Your Company!

(image credit: pexels.com) As I work a lot with driving change in software-intensive companies, the people that I work with typically have already an idea of what needs to happen. However, many of them struggle with organizations that are incredibly resistant to change. In fact, someone recently shared his view with me that organizations are … Read moreStop Trying to Change Your Company!

Why Bad Business Habits Kill R&D Effectiveness

Since the summer, I’ve been working with well over a dozen companies in different capacities and in several of these companies, there is a challenge on the R&D front that actually is caused by bad business habits. When I’m asked to spend some time with a company, it very often is because there is some … Read moreWhy Bad Business Habits Kill R&D Effectiveness

The End Of System Architects

The majority of companies that I work with provide products, systems and solutions to the market that include mechanical, electronic (hardware) and software parts. In order to design these systems, companies appoint system architects that are supposed to manage the system design, realization and evolution. Over the last couple of months, I have run into … Read moreThe End Of System Architects

On Functional Safety in the Age of Continuous Deployment

This week I hosted a workshop on continuous deployment of software subject to functional safety standards. We agreed to keep it low profile on who participated, but several of the large companies in automotive, aeronautics, industry and defense were present, including OEMs and tier 1 suppliers. It was a good group that was dominated by … Read moreOn Functional Safety in the Age of Continuous Deployment

The End of Planning

Over the last years, I have time and again run into the conflict that many companies experience between long term planning and continuous (agile) practices. In an embedded systems context, where the system contains mechanics and electronics in addition to software, the organization needs long term planning for “the atoms” because of manufacturing processes, ordering … Read moreThe End of Planning