The End Of Architecting Systems

This week, I spent time at companies building fabulously complex systems operating in even more complex ecosystems. It is clear that the business leaders as well as the technologists in these companies are struggling with managing the complexity of the systems that they are selling to customers. Whether it is telecommunications, automotive, healthcare or any … Read moreThe End Of Architecting Systems

Don’t Be Left Behind By Your Business Ecosystem

This week, the Software Center organized the Sprint 14 reporting workshop for the partner companies and universities. A great event with over 100 people participating and learning about the progress that we’ve made during the last 6 month sprint. As we have expanded the mission of  Software Center to accelerate the digitalization of the software … Read moreDon’t Be Left Behind By Your Business Ecosystem

Why Digitalization Will Kill Your (Software) Company Too: Video

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog post with the same title as this post. This week, we hosted the International Conference on Software Engineering in Gothenburg. It was a great event with 1800 participants. As part of the conference, the Wednesday was allocated to an Industry Forum and as part of that, I … Read moreWhy Digitalization Will Kill Your (Software) Company Too: Video

To All You Unsung Heroes

The coming week, Gothenburg hosts the Internal Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2018) where close to 2000 people come together. That same week also the Lindholmen Software Development Day is organized that brings together around 700 people interested in software, data, digitalization, artificial intelligence and related topics. At these events, there is of course a … Read moreTo All You Unsung Heroes

Are You a Product, Platform or Ecosystem Company?

Another week; another ridiculous amount of hours on an airplane, so this post is coming from Bangalore. During last week, I noticed an interesting pattern that I had seen several times over the last year: many companies and their leaders are not clear on what business they’re actually in, especially as it comes to being … Read moreAre You a Product, Platform or Ecosystem Company?