Finding your AI business case

Having worked with companies on the use of AI, I’ve noticed an interesting pattern: although most of the attention is spent on algorithms, data storage infrastructure, training and evaluation of applications, the hardest part very often seems to be coming up with a promising concept in the first place. When exploring promising concepts, many start … Read more

AI is NOT big data analytics

During the big data era, one of the key tenets of successfully realizing your big data strategy was to create a central data warehouse or data lake where all data was stored. The data analysts could then run their analyses to their hearts’ content and find relevant correlations, outliers, predictive patterns and the like. In … Read more

Why your data is useless

Virtually all organizations I work with have terabytes or even petabytes of data stored in different databases and file systems. However, there’s a very interesting pattern I’ve started to recognize during recent months. On the one hand, the data that gets generated is almost always intended for human interpretation. Consequently, there are lots of alphanumeric … Read more

Why you’re a product + service business

Before digitalization became a thing, the industry was divided into two types of businesses: those that sell products and those that provide services. Those that sell products have a transactional relationship with their customers, mostly consisting of selling one of their products. The service businesses tend to have a more continuous relationship with their customers … Read more

How clean is your data?

One of the sayings that almost everyone in business has taken to heart is “data is the new oil” by Clive Humby. There are constant discussions about data ownership between end customers and product providers, as well as between OEMs and their suppliers. The first start-ups are now trying to advise companies on how to … Read more

Living on the edge

With data- and AI-driven development taking over the world, it may easily seem that the cloud is the place where everything happens. This is where the data is stored and analyzed, where the machine- and deep-learning models run and where all the value resides. The perspective of people living in this world is that all … Read more