Why Fast Feedback Cycles Matter

When studying software-intensive systems companies, one of the interesting observations is that they all evolve in the same way. In earlier research, we have referred to this as the “Stairway to Heaven”. In the figure below, the speed dimension of the Stairway to Heaven model is shown. This model is a descriptive model based on … Read moreWhy Fast Feedback Cycles Matter

Autonomy, Empowerment, Alignment and Coercion

The greatest accomplishments of mankind have been achieved by groups, often large groups, of people. From the pyramids and gorgeous cathedrals built in the past to the modern accomplishments such as putting a man on the moon or the creation of the internet, none of this could have been created by an individual but required … Read moreAutonomy, Empowerment, Alignment and Coercion

How Agile Are You Really: Let’s Find Out!

In an earlier blog post, I raised the question of how agile organizations really are. This was based on my experience with a variety of companies that claim to be agile, but that, when taking a closer look, were not agile at all. Or that were using some agile practices, but failed to reap the … Read moreHow Agile Are You Really: Let’s Find Out!

Why Variability Management Is Still Hard – And What To Do About It

This week I was in Madrid to present a keynote at a workshop around variability management (VAMOS 2018). It was a fun event and to some extent a trip down memory lane as I was part of the early research community that systematically started to work on software variability management in the early 2000s. We … Read moreWhy Variability Management Is Still Hard – And What To Do About It

Why Your Customers Are Slowing You Down

Every company is part of an business ecosystem. In the ecosystem, we find the partners, the suppliers, the customers, competitors, complementors as well as other stakeholders. A business ecosystem was more formally defined in the early 1990s by Moore as an economic community with three key characteristics. First, there is a symbiotic relationship between the … Read moreWhy Your Customers Are Slowing You Down