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Proven Agile Architecting Practices

The Waterfall Software Development style has recently been replaced by Agile methods. This has created empowered development teams, able to to iteratively focus on delivering customer value. However, the role of Software and System Architecture has been left out of the Agile framework, especially in large projects, creating a gap between the iterative way of working of the teams and the static development of the architecture. Architects might initially design an architecture that soon diverges from the implemented code and that does not support the delivery of new and unforeseen customer value. It is therefore important to rethink architecture development and management in an Agile perspective, or else to introduce Agile Architecting. To do so, practices, roles and communication styles need to adapt to the Agile methods, and at the same time Agile teams need to include Architecture management in their Agile practices. We explain what are the problems related to the lack of Agile Architecture and how to set up an organizational solution.

Category: Talk

Length: 45 Р90 minutes

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