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Architecture Technical Debt

Architecture Techical Debt: Causes, Consequences and Trends

Uncertainty, business changes, time pressure, mistakes, and many other factors concur to the accumulation of software and other development artifacts that are sub-optimal: such accumulation is nowadays recognized as unavoidable. Sub-optimal software, as well as artifacts used to develop and maintain it, are said to contain Technical Debt: in other words, implementing sub-optimal artifacts might bring some advantage in the short term, which is considered the same as taking a financial debt. However, due to the accumulated Debt, software companies might have to pay an additional cost, or else the interest on the debt. The interest is represented by several extra-activities and costs caused by the sub-optimal solutions. The total interest paid can be substantial in the long term, even leading to development crises. It’s therefore important to first recognize this phenomenon and then to continuously assess and prioritize the refactoring of Technical Debt in order to avoid crises.

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Length: 45 – 90 minutes

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