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From Req. Engineering to Experimenting with Customers

Asking users what they would like to have built is probably the worst question in the history of software engineering. Users don’t know what they want and it’s the engineer’s job to find this out. Answering this question requires a systematic approach to exploring a broad set of hypotheses about functionality that might add value for customers at different stages of development. This talk introduces the notion of Innovation Experiment Systems as a systematic method for optimizing the user experience of existing features, developing new features as well as developing new products. The method uses different techniques dependent on the stage of development, including pre-development, development and commercial deployment. In each stage, frequent customer involvement, both active and passive, is used to constantly establish and improve the user experience. The method is based on data from eight industrial cases and stresses the importance of speed and rapid iterations in development. The talk uses numerous examples from industry are used to illustrate the concepts.

Category: Talk

Length: 45 – 90 minutes

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