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Architecture Technical Debt

Architecture Technical Debt: Causes, Consequences and Trends

Technical Debt can account for 37% of wasted time and effort. The inefficient management of Technical Debt can create an overhead of 25% of wasted time.
Strategically manage Technical Debt: Process, Tools, Organization
Course content
Causes, Consequences and Trends in Technical Debt accumulation. Strategic Adoption of Technical Debt Tracking. CAFFEA framework for managing Architectural Technical Debt AnaConDebt – analysis method and tool of Contagious Debt for prioritization. AnaConDebt Light – tool for tracking and prioritizing Technical Debt items. Estimating Modularity refactoring for components.

Category: Training

Delivery form: 2 day workshop using company case

Length: 2 days

Target audience Product managers, Architects, Engineers, R&D management