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Software Ecosystems

Software Ecosystems: Implications for Strategy, Business Model and Architecture

Once an organization has established a a product or product line with a significant number of customers, there will be more requests from customers for functionality than what the organization can build itself. Also, independent solution providers and third party developers will increasingly ask for access to the platform in order to build customer (segment) specific solutions on top of the products and platform.
A successful software ecosystem provides an incredibly powerful, valuable and durable competitive advantage to the platform company and an effective way for third party developers to focus their energy on the most differentiating functionality.
Course content
An understanding of the forces leading to the creation of a software ecosystem, a theoretical framework and taxonomy of software ecosystems, guidelines on how to initiate a software ecosystem, several industrial examples and cases and exercises to apply the principles to a specific case.

Category: Training

Delivery option 1: 2 day workshop using fictive case to introduce the concepts

Delivery option 2: 2 day workshop using company case

Length: 2 days

Target audience Product managers, Architects and engineers, R&D management, CTOs and other technology responsibles